Missoin & Vision

REG No: 222/15 under the societies registration act by govt of Kerala NYK affiliated : No 3634/15 under the ministry of youth affairs, Youth Welfare board No J. 872 under Govt of Kerala :

  • Health Awareness Program
  • School Health Club formation
  • House hold visits under the part of health and hygiene
  • Watershed management, pond renovation, rainwater harvesting motivation classes
  • 1921 war memorial 90 th anniversary conducted
  • Sports campaignpart of NYK, youth leadership campaign
  • Personality developing classes conducts
  • Educational Awards
  • Clean city Mariyad
  • Main partner at GMLP Mariyad, making each friendly garden and cleaning of toilets and well etc.
  • Charity Activities
  • Road and Path way Repairing
  • Sport Team


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